Fibre Broadband - Reliable super-fast internet – from R3750

  • Connect your business to the global market at lightning speeds
  • Upload speed equals download speed
  • Not subject to cable theft
  • 1:1 Contention
  • Lines ranging from 5Mbps to 1Gbps

Hosted Exchange – From R28p/m

  • Access you emails anywhere, anytime
  • Synchronise your mail, calendar and contacts across all devices
  • More secure never down email
  • Cost effective
  • Pay per user per month

Disaster Recovery – from R70p/m

  • Backup your data in high availability
  • Backup and replicated every 15min
  • Make sure your data is secure and always available in case of a disaster

Virtual Servers - get your first month free – From R185p/m

  • Secured servers accessible from anywhere
  • Virtual servers that run over multiple hardware for redundancy
  • Available in multiple OS platforms
  • High availability

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  • CipherOnline

    CipherWave provides robust reliable, Internet access at a wide range of speeds. The fact is, today’s businesses rely heavily on the internet – CipherWave has scalable solutions whatever the size of your business, wherever you are on the globe.

  • CipherVault

    CipherWave Hosting Solutions allows businesses to save costs by reducing IT staff requirements. We deliver reliable hosting solutions to maximise the performance, efficiency and security of your IT infrastructure.

  • CipherBackup

    CipherBackUp is an evolutionary new facility allowing a secure backup facility over the Internet to backup your critical data off-site. The Terminator may have promised to come back – but CipherBackUp won’t leave in the first place.

Why Choose CipherWave? We'll Tell You!

  • Wherever the bandwidth is bad, CipherWave will have the solution...
  • When your firewall is under attack, we will be there…
  • If evil viruses strike, CipherWave will come to your rescue!
  • For rapid processing power and built-in redundancies, call on CipherWave.
  • Activate the CipherCloud!
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