Up in the Cloud look! It’s a giant bird! It’s a plane! It’s SuperCipher! CipherWave offers a number of invaluable solutions designed to meet your specific needs. Find out more here:


CipherWave provides robust reliable, Internet access at a wide range of speeds. The fact is, today’s businesses rely heavily on the internet – CipherWave has scalable solutions whatever the size of your business, wherever you are on the globe.

CipherWave brings you to the cloud! Cloud Computing is not just another fly-by-night buzz word to get the IT industry worked up in a marketing frenzy only to disappear after a while. There’s no shortage of definitions available for Cloud Computing, from simple to complex.

CipherBackUp is an evolutionary new facility allowing a secure backup facility over the Internet to backup your critical data off-site. The Terminator may have promised to come back – but CipherBackUp won’t leave in the first place.

Effective communication is imperative to every business. CipherVoice offers enterprise Voice solutions for your business with a range of state of the art PBX and VoIP products.

CipherWave Hosting Solutions allows businesses to save costs by reducing IT staff requirements. We deliver reliable hosting solutions to maximise the performance, efficiency and security of your IT infrastructure.

The health and performance of your network is easily monitored with the simple, easy to use tools provided by CipherWave Enhanced Service Monitoring. Your communications infrastructure is constantly monitored and all this data is stored and collated giving you remarkable insight into the usage and efficiency of your applications.