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Why Choose CipherVoice?
  • CipherVoice will make your business run faster than ever before whilst saving you money on your total communications spending
  • CipherVoice is a reliable Turnkey solution
  • Completely scalable
  • CipherVoice is EASY TO USE with multiple role-based administration
  • Watch your bottom line grow due to better communication with customers/clients and reduced telephones bills
  • No more unavailable employees. CipherVoice can keep your employees in contact even while travelling or at home
  • Never be worried again about how your front line employees talk and behave to your important clients/customers or business partners – CipherVoice will help you to record or monitor the calls
  • Wide range of supported handsets
  • Superior Support
  • Flexible platforms and delivery
How can CipherVoice help improve your business performance?
The following CipherVoice features will help businesses improve employee productivity by helping them reduce the amount of time they spend on tasks, reach each other more easily, and work together more efficiently: 


  • Conference calls will help employees to conduct meetings regardless of time, location, saving traveling time, expenses, inconveniences, etc.
  • Call recordings will improve calls, cost, and staff management.
  • Call forwarding will help employees be more mobile, be on different locations and still receive calls
  • Call waiting will help employees to take multiple calls at the same time
The following features will help business maintain high quality customer service:

  • DID (Direct Inward Dialing) will help clients to reach a line directly without going through an operator or dialing several numbers
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) answers all incoming calls and prompt callers to dial an extension, other destinations or leave a voicemail message-all without the help of an operator. Therefore, clients get information quickly and easily.
  • Music On Hold will entertain your client’s while waiting to speak to someone
The following features will help business get most out of their networks:


  • Destinations Permissions will control dialling of specific destinations, which will prevent unauthorized use of services and resources.
  • Backup will automatically store your system settings, recordings, and other important data for easy retrival/restore.
  • Auto Updates will update your system with latest bug fixes and enhancements of existing features automatically.
How can CipherVoice SAVE you Time & Money
  • CipherVoice allows business branch offices to communicate easily using VoIP features which rapidly reduces telephone costs and time and allows users to contact remote coworkers via extension numbers
  • CipherVoice easily creates conference bridges between employees on local or remote (overseas) levels, which directly saves significant amount of time, and possible travel costs
  • CipherVoice allows call divert to employee mobile phones that gives more flexibility, mobility and time for achieving better business results. This directly saves time and reduces expenses
  • CipherVoice browser based system administrattion allows users to easily navigate through the configuration. Therefore, it saves significant amounts of time and expenses on system maintenance, technical support, training, etc
  • VoIP usage will dramatically lower telephone communications costs
Enter Microsite

CipherVoice Business PBX


CipherVoice Business PBX provides the business class with features required by today’s demanding communications needs that all businesses face. In addition to the standard features of all New Generation IPPBXs, CipherVoice Business PBX includes comprehensive enhanced services, telephony applications, system administration, end user applications, customization, reliability, and setup and configuration features in a truly scalable manner.

Enter Microsite

CipherVoice Call Centre PBX

Out Call Center software offers a set of features needed for an organization to effectively start and manage inbound or outbound call campaigns. Features include unlimited ACD Queues, unlimited call agents, comprehensive reporting, real time queue statistics, real time queue monitoring, soft phone (optional add-on), optional predictive inbound and out bound dialing, skills based routing AgentCOM, AQMON, and many more. Download our Call Center software TODAY: