1. Where can I find your banking details

Our bank details are shown on the front of our invoices.

2. Where do I send remittances

Remittances can be emailed to accounts@cipherwave.co.za.

3. How can I arrange to cancel my CipherWave service?

You must request a Cancellation Request Form by emailing our cancellations team at cancellations@cipherwave.co.za.

4. Do you accept Credit Card payments?

Yes – We accept all major credit card, including VISA and Mastercard.

5. Can I pay my invoice by Debit Order and how do I do this?

Yes, you can request a Debit Order mandate from CipherWave’s accounts department, by phone – 011 541 9940 or by email – accounts@cipherwave.co.za.

6. I need to request a copy of an invoice or statement?

You can contact our Accounts and Billing Department, by phoning us on 011 541 9940 or by emailling us at accounts@cipherwave.co.za.

7. I have a query on an invoice you’ve sent to me?

You can contact CipherWave Accounts and Billing, by phoning 011 541 9940 or by emailing us accounts@cipherwave.co.za.

8. How do I get a quote for a CipherWave product or service?

You can contact our sales team, by phoning them on 011 541 9940 or by emailing them at sales@cipherwave.co.za.

9. Is the Customer Support Centre available 24 x 7?

Yes – CipherWave Technical Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

10. How can I contact CipherWave First Line Technical Support?

You can contact CipherWave Support by phoning 0860 070 070 or by emailing us at support@cipherwave.co.za