Financial Services

At CipherWave we understand that financial organisations have to comply with a wealth of new and differing regulatory and risk management requirements. We service numerous financial services concerns; including banks, financial advisory institutions and insurance companies. It’s this expertise that gives us the foresight to know that it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve to retain an increasingly savvy and demanding customer base. CipherWave can help your financial organisation to deliver new and innovative services guaranteed to keep you fresh in the marketplace. We recognise the need for secure, reliable, flexible and fully scalable solutions in this sector and we know exactly how to provide it. It’s CipherWave to the rescue!

Technology & Telecoms

Technology and telecommunication firms, more than any others, must remain at the cutting edge of the information boom. Expectation grows daily from customers who are increasingly tech-aware and insist on flexible, sophisticated, virtual solutions that fully support their on-demand content and applications be met seamlessly. As a technologies company ourselves, we understand the necessity for a high bandwidth IP VPN service, like ours, that reacts dynamically to your demands, wherever you are in the world and whatever the size of your projects. Information travels at colossal speeds and we have the expertise to ensure you keep up. Now that’s a superpower worth having!

Public & Utilities

Users have increasingly high expectations of Public Utility Services that have to deliver with reduced funding. Pressure? It’s no wonder! Serving a community with limited resources is a challenge, particularly when robust online platforms are central to customer service. Service resources have to be flexible to be able to cope with these demands. That’s where we come to the rescue!

CipherWave can partner with you to assist in juggling the many roles you serve by developing and implementing solutions that will improve efficiency and productivity. Our networked IT and hosting environment solution promises secure data transfer, data hosting, Private Line solutions and a trusted IP VPN that won’t let you (or your customers) down. In brightest day, in blackest night, we will be here to champion your plight!

Professional Services

Worldwide Professional services have to comply with Global standards and your IT solutions must be flexible enough to meet these demands. Real time data transfer is of prime importance and your Network has to be up to the task. CipherWave is wholly committed to providing fast, efficient and secure ICT solutions, tailored to your needs. Our multiple platforms and infrastructures provide your business with the flexibility to shape shift. Our solutions are designed to provide a streamlined, secure, reliable and robust foundation for your applications so that you are always performing at your best.

Travel & Leisure

Warp speed ahead! Social Networks and the use of targeted customer information provided by these networks is crucial to this industry. It enables you to tailor services to your clientele. Real-time data transfer is of primary importance in facilitating high-volume eCommerce in functioning effectively. In fact it forms the foundation from which to manage and grow a diverse customer base. CipherWave brings you a flexible, high-capacity data solution backed by a resilient global network infrastructure with super-secure hosting. This invaluable service means you’re always available to bring your customer’s unparalleled service that makes them feel right at home.

Super Benefits

Protectors of the CipherVerse

Security of Data and Information transfer is crucial to all industries; our solutions ensure you’re protected.

Our Servers, Data Centres and Cloud systems offer you a secure solution, allowing you to provide services with confidence

Our vigilant security safeguards your organisation from breach or fraud


Like Elastigirl!

As markets and conditions change organisations must be flexible and fast.

The Cipher-Way gives you the flexibility to adapt to changing demands.

Our technology offering is comprehensive and constantly innovative (with solutions like Cloud, Voice over IP, and emerging applications.)

IT Solutions

One Team to Rule Them All

Providing a One Point contact for all your IT requirements frees your staff to prioritise on customising your own services.

Our Account Management team offers 24/7/365 dedicated access customer service

Reducing Costs

Saving the Day!

Reduction in costs while meeting increased customer expectation.

Minimising your IT footprint without compromising on service levels.

Competitive pricing on all services.


Up and Atom!

Let your IT work for you.
We’ll supercharge your IT infrastructure freeing up your staff to focus on paying tasks.

We offer project and people oversight to ensure that your organisation is operating at peak levels.

Operating one simple hosting system enables higher straight through processing, more efficiency

Reliable Access

Looks like a Job for the CipherSquad

We provide high efficiency networks and ancillary services thereby ensuring that clients never suffer from failed communications

Having a well utilised Network we’re well-versed in most Industry Regulations and will help you adhere to these regulations

Going Green

Activate the Power Ring

Consolidating your applications and investing in virtual hosting means reducing your footprint and your spend.

Reduce environmental impact by decreasing printing, mail, delivery and travel by putting the incredible powers of global connection via video conferencing to good use

Super Support

Only a Call Away

Our team of super support staff are always on call 24/7/365 for that personalised support. Let us be the Robin to your Batman.