Our Vision
  • To be known as a Leading Cloud Computing Solutions Partner of choice by our customers and partners.
  • To Continually Exceed the expectations of our Customer and our Partners by delivering Exceptional valuable services and innovation
  • To be seen as an Employer Of Choice whereby our staff sees a Valuable future of growth at Cipherwave.
Our Mission
  • To provide Innovative cloud & connectivity business solutions to our customers, coupled with Excellent service delivery to help our customers meet their business requirements.

The way we do business changes constantly and in order to provide the service your customers’ have come to expect, you need to keep up. Not only do you need to stay on the cutting edge, you need that service to be powered by experts who can ensure reliability, security and flexibility. Up, up and away – into the Cloud! This looks like a job for CipherWave!

You need to think beyond old IT solutions and look to the future. If you demand 24/7/365 uptime that ensures your data is stored securely, backed by expert network and hardware support. If you need rapid processing power and built-in redundancies, then look no further than CipherWave. Our Data Centres & facilities have the infrastructure that will always “have your back (up).” CipherWave – bringing your business computing, customer relationship management and connectivity requirements into the realm of the future. To infinity… and beyond!

We’re a young, driven and dynamic company with experience that’s taking us places! Our mission: To save your business IT from the clutches of sub-standard service providers (we’ll call them Nemesis Corp™.)

We’ve spent more than a decade fine-tuning our scalable solutions to provide bespoke, unmatched, personalised service with the fastest, failsafe methods technology allows. We are proudly becoming one of the most trusted, successful IT companies on the continent.

Our world-class Category 5 Secure Data Vault – The CipherVault™ is a first of its kind in South Africa making CipherWave thebenchmark against which other service providers set their standards. Entrust your communications and data solution to the trendsetting, superheroes of the IT realm, CipherWave!