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Mitigate security challenges via ‘Zero Trust’ strategy

  In today’s highly-evolved security space, a conventional security approach is no longer good enough. Zero Trust should be viewed as the de facto security strategy. It doesn’t take a lot of effort these days to find news of another organisation whose data has been breached, or to see a report from a security companyContinue reading

The threat is real: CipherWave makes the case for Zero Trust

Zero Trust. You’ve heard the term, but what exactly does it mean, and what are the benefits of adopting it as a security model? In this podcast, TechCentral’s James Erasmus is joined by CipherWave CEO Wayne D’Sa and chief cloud officer Casper van der Walt, who share best practice in implementing the Zero Trust model. WithContinue reading

The right partner is crucial to riding the technology wave

Technology continues to evolve apace. Choosing the right technology partner is vital to business success in an increasingly interconnected world. There can be no doubt that technology is evolving rapidly and that companies today need to partner with the right organisation if they want to ride the wave of technology development. A good example ofContinue reading

Cloud security: it’s about choosing the right provider

When moving to the cloud, it is imperative not to base your choice of provider on price alone, but rather on their knowledge, experience and access to best-of-breed technologies. It is clear that in today’s digital world, everyone’s data footprint is growing at a substantial rate, whether this is from a work perspective or anContinue reading

Meet the team taking CipherWave to new heights

In this episode of the podcast, we meet the executive team of South African Internet service provider CipherWave. The podcast explores the company’s solutions and how it works with customers, as well as its plans for 2022, including empowering customers in a self-service environment. Led by CEO Wayne D’SA, CipherWave has a young executive team whoContinue reading

From the ground up

How has the pandemic impacted cloud adoption in South Africa? “Prior to the pandemic, cloud was one of the technology spheres that companies were looking at and saying: In the future, we want to get there but not right now. But when COVID-19 hit, they needed to adjust their operational practices of how work wouldContinue reading

Wayne D’Sa on a new era for CipherWave

Wayne D’Sa is CEO of connectivity provider CipherWave. In this episode of the podcast, he unpacks his plans for the business, including its strong play into the voice space. The company has strong offerings as an Internet service provider, cloud provider and voice partner. In the podcast, D’Sa explores how CipherWave develops and retains talent, withContinue reading

Connect with your customers. Collaborate with your teams. Continue to grow your business.

Change is the only constant and the new normal is taking some getting used to. In the past couple of months, we have had to change the way we do business, how we support customers and how we interact with our teams. During level 5 of lockdown most people were working from home. Since movingContinue reading

Cybersecurity – Protecting your business in today’s digital world

Cybersecurity refers to the practise and action taken in order to protect user computers, networks, programs and data from unauthorised access within a business. Businesses have historically taken an extremely reactive approach in fighting cyberthreats and cyberattacks by relying on individual security technologies to protect their most valuable assets being their intellectual and proprietary companyContinue reading