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Enterprise Fibre Broadband
Fibre Broadband Packages

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Uncapped Business Fibre

Ideal for companies that require an unshaped, unlimited Fibre Internet Solution to keep their business operations up and running 24/7/366.

Point-to-Point Enterprise Fibre

Ideal for companies wanting a secure and reliable Fibre Connection to their hosted Cloud and DR Solutions within the CipherWave Data Centre.


SERVER CONNECTION: FREE data when connecting from CipherWave Data Centre to Client Server.

INTERNET BREAKOUT: Data packages available for purchase for internet connectivity. Please see Naked Enterprise Fibre for Data Bundle pricing options.

Naked Enterprise Fibre

The ultimate in Pay Per Use Business Internet. Manage your usage, purchase top ups and experience the pristine speed of 1:1 contention!


Data package required for both SERVER CONNECTION and INTERNET BREAKOUT. Please see package options below. Naked Enterprise Fibre comes standard with 101GB FREE per month.


Naked Enterprise Fibre is only available in certain areas of Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. Use the map below to check availability in your area. If you fall within a coloured circle, then you can gain access! Contact us if you’d like CipherWave to check availability for you!



Get more Bang for your Buck with our Plus1 Data Bundles!

Both Point to Point Enterprise Fibre and Naked Enterprise Fibre require the purchase of a data bundle for internet breakout. Naked Enterprise Fibre comes standard with 101GB per month.


101GB  R650 pm
251GB  R1700 pm
501GB  R3200 pm
1001GB  R6300 pm


When you need to top up, take advantage of our Top-Up Bundle!

Data Top-Up Bundle:

101GB    |  R1 000/once-off

If topping up isn’t your thing, don’t worry – we’ll keep you afloat until month-end at a steady 10% of your monthly speed.

What’s in a Gig?

  1. Up to 44 Hours of extra web browsing!

Based on 1 hours use, which uses 23MB on average

  1. Send up to 34, 133 extra emails!

Based on 1 email sent and received without attachments, which uses 30KB on average

  1. Up 4 extra hours of Skype conferencing!

Based on a 60-minute video chat, which uses 224MB on average