Super Support
  • When you need 24/7/365 support we will be there!
  • When you want personal, dedicated account management, we will be there!
  • When swift turnaround times in resolving any technical issues are called for, we will be there!

Commitment to superb service powered by industry experts is what you will always get from Team CipherWave because we know, with great service comes great support!

As the touch point for your customer care, our expert team of tremendous tech support engineers and superlative sales staff are always on-hand to ensure your experience with CipherWave is a good one.

So what makes our services and solutions heroic? Take a look at what you get when you choose the CipherWay:

  • Clear, comprehensive product information before you buy and Rigorous Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Pre-Sales technical support to ensure we can fully satisfy your requirements before we sell you a solution
  • Clarity; making you aware of your obligations under any service agreement
  • No surprises! Advance updates with regards to planned maintenance which might disrupt the service.
Get the Most Guideline
We’re here to provide you with superlative service. Take a look at this handy guideline designed to amplify your experience and make your solution even more effective. Flame on!
You’ll have an  Amazing Account Manager as your CipherWave touch point. Their role is to:

• Understand your business requirements
• Help you find the best solutions for your organisation.

Our Phenomenal Pre-Sales team provide excellent technical support throughout the decision making process. They are there to:

• Answer your questions. Work with the Customer Design team to structure the optimum solution for your business

Defence first! For your security we can only accept service requests from nominated individuals in your organization.

Keep your list of nominated technical and support contacts up to date to help us support you more effectively.

Getting in touch with us is easy and we’re on hand to help you out.

Once your service is operational you’ll also have constant access to NOC (Network Operational Centre)
You can email us with queries at:

Our super support team is always available, whenever you need them.